Ready to get your kids speaking Spanish in just 6 weeks?

If you enrolled your children into clubs with big dreams of what that would look like:


  • Your child having fun while learning

  • Your child pushing ahead of their peers

  • Your child learning a valuable new skill

  • Your child engaged and excited.


Only to find:

  • Their clubs were all cancelled

  • They got bored

  • You had to nag them to go, or found yourself waiting around for them


You’re in the right place.

Imagine a world where your child looked forward to their weekly club or class.


Your child found learning a language easy.


Your child was actually teaching YOU something


Your child was enhancing their education


Your  child was outperforming their peers in other areas of learning


Your child’s self confidence and self esteem was improved,

Welcome to

The Lingo Lion’s live Spanish Programme For Kids aged 0-11.

What makes us different to every other kid’s club out there?

From the very first lesson,  your child will be speaking Spanish and show a huge sense of pride in their achievements. They will also become aware of the rich culture and geography of Spanish speaking countries. They will be excited and engaged and gain a huge headstart in language learning which will stay with them for life, broadening horizons and opening doors.


 See what one of our Mum's has to say about Lingo Lions...

So what's involved?
On the programme  you will get:


  • Small groups of similar aged children,  so the children get the most from the session, and maybe even make some new friends.


  • A qualified primary school teacher and MFL lead with 10 years experience so you know your child’s learning is in safe hands.


  • An authentic accent to for the children to pick up which will help your child to speak Spanish more fluently , and feel more confident.

  • A unique and well-established structured language course specifically designed for your child’s age and stage of development, so they can learn more easily.

  • Songs, conversation, basic grammar, games, role-plays, rhymes and stories are a core part of the programme meaning your child will be having so much fun, they won’t even notice they are learning.

  • An awareness of the foreign country , its geography and its culture , opening their eyes to the big wide world.

So, who am I, and how can I help?

I left my job as a primary school teacher in 2018 after 8 years to set up a children’s language business because I am passionate about opening up the world of language and culture to children and their families.

I truly believe young children have the ability to quickly pick up a foreign language and learning a language at this young age is an excellent preparation for what is to come later in their life and education. It encourages a lifelong love of languages and also has huge benefits in all areas of children’s learning.


My own experience of learning a language started at age 11 – at high school – too late! The delivery was pretty dry and textbook based. I love languages but I knew there must be a more exciting way to learn them. Children learn when they are having fun, playing, singing, drawing, dancing, role playing! Language is so easy to teach using these methods, and children don’t even realise they are learning.


Plus, their families learn alongside them too.


An added bonus for parent’s or carers with no previous knowledge of the language or the skills to teach it themselves.

Can you afford to wait?


Children have already had so much disruption to learning this year. They have missed out on vital education,  but also the socialising and extra learning they get from extra curricular activities or baby/toddler groups.


Studies show that children learning another language perform better at literacy & numeracy than those who haven’t been exposed to another language. It actually aids brain development, and gets learners using parts of their brain that would not otherwise be used. Those neural pathways are being made just by exposing your young child to a new language, even if they are too young to repeat the language at first.


Let’s not waste any more time, and let’s invest in this generation NOW.

Right now, you might be thinking “but my child won’t sit still” or “they won’t concentrate on Zoom”, or "but I don’t speak any Spanish myself”, but here’s the thing, so many of my previous families thought the same.
Classes are purposefully no longer than 30 minutes, and are super fun and engaging so children LOVE them, and easily manage to participate for the whole class. Lessons are carefully planned for each age group to ensure they get the most from the session. And no previous knowledge is needed , we help parents and carers to help their child by providing a fully comprehensive parents’ guide to all our lessons.

Some Recent feedback

The Lingo Lion’s live Spanish Programme just for kids is the best especially designed online class that takes inquisitive Children aged 0-11 away from boring, dull, dry language learning and hurtling into fun, engaging, inclusive classes and gives them a great  introduction to learning Spanish which means that they develop a life long love of languages.


Get them booked into a FUN, live, online Spanish course which runs weekly, from the comfort and safety of home (which means you might just get a little down time too!).


Classes are just £6 each with a sibling discount for any siblings joining other classes,


But places are LIMITED and fill quickly so don’t delay, secure your child's place today.

Now’s your child’s time my friend. Join today!

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