FAQ #1
What if my child won’t sit still? Or is very shy?
I’m a mum too, I get it! 😉However, don’t worry….Classes are very inclusive and active. We use a variety of rhymes, songs, crafts, stories and games to allow the children to be physically involved in the learning activity. Some very young children may not wish to use the new sounds at first, but enjoyment of the activities will encourage them to want to "play" again and again.


With very young children, much of the learning they will do will be passive, so do not be disappointed if toddlers refuse or are unable to actually speak any Spanish in class. The first indication you will get that the language is going in is where they might for example clap when they hear “palmas” or “brmm brmm” when they hear un coche (car)– One mum recently messaged me to tell me "Dad asked D (20 months) 'Where is your Boca?' and she pointed to her mouth and said 'Boca!' I was just so amazed. It just shows what a great idea it is starting them so young!" Brilliant hey!?


This apparent passive learning is an important first step in language learning. I have so many reports from parents of children who are either apparently distracted in class, or very shy, using Spanish words or joining in with songs at home or in the car. They really are taking it all in!


FAQ #2
Is my baby too young to come along?

I have met a few mums recently who said..."oh I didn't realise children could start your classes so young" YES THEY CAN! Babies can come along from birth.  (My youngest so far was 7 weeks old ❤👶)


Research has shown that babies are born with the ability to distinguish ALL the possible sounds of the world languages (WOW) and the first months and years of your child’s life are crucial for sound recognition. French and Spanish words, sounds and intonation will be naturally absorbed during a critical period of your child’s linguistic development.


Exposing your baby/toddler to another language as early as possible will enable him/her to be better equipped with the necessary perceptual skills for learning and for speaking it with a new perfect accent!


Our Bonjour Bonbon and ¡Hola Caramelo! programmes are especially designed for 0-3 year olds and concentrate on concepts the baby/toddler is already familiar with in everyday life.  (The park, the zoo, transport,  bedtime and waking up routines) Therefore he or she is not learning a new concept with a new language but a new language while doing or talking about something they know.


It's very baby friendly,  puppets,  toys,  parachutes, songs and rhymes.  Come and try it for your self!

But don't just take it from me, this is feedback I recently collected from 3 of my Mums....
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